Opéra Queens Staff & Board:

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Opéra Queens has been a Canadian federally incorporated non-profit performing arts organization since May 2021. We are a soliciting organization having received over $10,000 in Canadian public granting. Thank you to the hard work and support of our Members, Officers, Directors, and other volunteers!

Opéra Queens Staff:

Artistic & Executive Director:  Mike Fan (they), Queen@OperaQueens.ca

Administrative Assistant: Ryan Colbert (she), ryancolbert924@gmail.com 

Opéra Queens Board:

Chair & Treasurer: Mike Fan (they), Queen@OperaQueens.ca (Oct 2021-24)

Secretary: Thera Barclay (she), thera.barclay@gmail.com (Oct 2021-24)

Grants Officer: Ryan Colbert (she), ryancolbert924@gmail.com (Oct 2021-24)


Mike Fan (they)

Crystal Marchand (she)

Jennifer Rekker (she) - outgoing; now accepting applications

Board Members

Marieke de Koker (she)

Dr. Jay Marchand Knight (he/them)

Rain Saran Senavinin (he)

Steven Sérpa (he/they)

OQ Board Recruitment

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