Our Artistes!

Meet our 2021 Opéra Queens, Kings, & non-binary Royals!

Mike Fan, Artistic Director 


(Toronto, they/them)

Tenor, Pianist, Administrator

Photo: TamPhotography.ca

Tanya Smania, Queen Mother 


(Montréal, she/her)

The world's leading traumatic treble!

Photo: Steff Sedz

Ben Kwong, Music Director 

(Montréal, he/him)

Pianist, Coach

Dr. J Marchand Knight, Research & Composer 

(Montréal, they/them)

Zwischenfach Treble, Researcher, Educator

Rain Saran Senavinin, Fundraising & Education


(Montréal, he/him)


Corinne DeJong

(Burlington, Ontario, she/her)


Steven Sérpa 

(Texas, he/him)

Composer & Countertenor

Zac Kline



Morgan-Paige Melbourne 

(Toronto, she/her)

Pianist, Vocalist, & Composer

We focus on hiring BIPoC/IBPoC queer performers, stage crew, composers and compensating them adequately!

Header Photo: TamPhotography.ca